(highlighted items are necessary)

FOR CAMP (Most of these can come from a dollar store or Amazon)

  • Tent, tarp for under tent, throw rugs the keep dust down inside tent
  • 18″ rebar stakes x 4, Cross cut tennis balls or empty small plastic bottles, hammer
  • LIGHTS : (tent), Lantern/ string lights. (body) HEADLAMP, string lights, glow sticks, bracelets/ slap bands, flashlight, (bike) headlight, string lights, extra batteries
  • Bed and bedding, extra sheet for dust protection
  • Ear plugs
  • Bike, lock, basket, tools, extra inner tube, tire pump
  • Work gloves for strike
  • MISC: Garbage bags, safety pins/ plastic or velcro cable ties, army knife, duct tape, bungees, small scissors, mirror, rags or roll of paper towels, basin/ vinegar, fan (s), small spray bottle
  • Jumper cables and air filter for car
  • Folding chair


  • Ticket, Vehicle Pass driver’s license or ID
  • Magnetic car key holder
  • Enough cash for ice, center camp coffee, RV extras
  • Phone with dust-proof phone case, charger, Plate, utensils, cup w handle/ carabiner and a copy of ID taped to cup
  • WATER!! Camp provides tap water but bring your own filtered if wanted. 3-4 liters/day
  • Electrolyte solution (EmergenC or coconut/ aloe water, etc.)
  • Water bottle(s) and/or camelback
  • Towel, washcloth, Toiletries (including sunscreen and lotion)
  • Pee bottle for tent (“Pecan”), Toilet paper (must be single ply)
  • Meds/ supplements and minor first aid stuff
  • Nasal/ sinus saline spray (i.e. “NeilMed”)
  • Small spray bottle, fans, cooling scarf/ head wrap


Check your weather app as the time approaches for temp ranges for Gerlach NV or Black Rock City NV

  • shorts and light tops during day
  • leggings/ long pants and warm jacket for night
  • Boots with plenty of sock changes, flip flops
  • Cap, hat or scarf turban for suns/protection, cooling scarf/ head wrap
  •  Shades and goggles. If you wear glasses: extra pair, carrying case and cleaning solution
  • Bandanas (to cover your nose and mouth for dust storms)
  • Tutu, bling, scarves


  • BREAKFAST: Eggs, bacon, dehydrated fried potatoes, pre-made oatmeal, juice, protein powder, any PROTEIN, leftovers
  • LUNCH: Crackers, cheese, sandwiches, (tuna, PBJ, l grilled cheese, meat), leftovers
  • DINNER: Pre-made packs of quinoa, rice-a-roni etc. with sausage, veggies, mac cheese, soup, canned baked beans or chili. packaged pre-prepared shelf stable meals, veggies (canned or shelf stable, like corn on the cob), leftovers,
  • SNACKS: Protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, squeezable applesauce, salty (pickles/ olives/ chip), salsa, jerky, crackers, fruit
  • DRINKS: Canned LaCroix or Izze are popular. Your own milk if you’re lactose intolerant. Free alcohol and mixed drinks everywhere (but bring booze to share).
  • FOOD AND WATER: in your car for the trip in


  • Label your possessions
  • Gifts: Small gifts to share publicly
  • Get on the “Jackrabbit Speaks” email list for updates from Burning Man Org
  • Traffic conditions for entry and exit are on 94.5 FM
  • Update your Siren’s google docs spreadsheet, sign up for one moop and one kitchen patrol
  • DOWNLOAD “IBURN” and “TIME TO BURN” apps on your phone, ahead of time


Be prepared and have fun!

Candy (Raven)