(highlighted items are necessary)

FOR CAMP (Most of these can come from a dollar store or amazon)

  • Tent, tarp for under tent. (Easier to have a tent you can stand up in)
  • 18″ rebar stakes (Cross cut tennis balls or empty small plastic bottles (to cover tops of stakes and prevent leg gashes)
  • Hammer for stakes (camp has but sometimes hard to access)
    • Lantern (battery powered) and/or string lights. (battery powered LED/ EL wire fr Amazon). You may be happy with just your headlamp/ flashlight but it’s so great to just flip a switch and have light
  • LIGHTS FOR YOUR BODY: (You and your bike MUST be lit at night for safety)               
    • HEADLAMP!!
    • EL wire/LED battery operated string lights (Amazon in different colors) to pin to your clothing for night. You can also can get battery operated bracelets, necklaces or “slap bands” from Amazon.
    • Glow lights ($ store) to give to those you find wandering around unlit at night (“darkwads”), but too much plastic waste for personal use (my opinion)               
    • String lights thru spokes on tires and secure battery pack with cable ties or duct tape.    
    • HEADLIGHT which can be attached to front of bike or basket
    • FLASHLIGHT (small and bright) unless you’re happy with just a headlamp
    • Safety pins/ plastic or velcro cable ties to attach lights to body, bike and tent
    • Extra Batteries for lights, flashlight, headlamp, headlight on bike, lantern, etc.
    • Bed (air mattress/ pump, insulite or foam pad…I like my trifold memory foam mattress with handles from Amazon & Walmart.com)
    • Pillow/Blankets or sleeping bag (good to have extra sheet to cover bed during the day for dust protection)
    • Ear plugs if you think you may need them. There’s music all night and a sound camp close to us
  • Garbage bags always good to have small grocery bags for trash, dirty clothes, etc.
  • Bike, lock, basket, bike tools, extra inner tube. and tire pump.  Best bike basket ever for about $20 Amazon.  There ‘s a bike repair camp but line is long so better to be self-reliant. (If you don’t have a bike, talk to Jenna ASAP. The camp may still have a few extra left behind from last year. If you need your bike transported to the playa, talk to Casey)
  • Work gloves for strike
  • Army knife, duct tape, bungees, small scissors always come in handy
  • Mirror (I have outdoor full length at my tent for public use)
  • Rags or roll of paper towels
  • Basin ($ store) w vinegar to soak feet to prevent “playa foot “infection from the alkaline dust, brushing teeth, and bird baths
  • Jumper cables and air filter for car to change after leaving. (or have it checked when get home) Air filter can be affected even when car is parked if it’s a dusty week
  • Throw rug for entry and inside tent to minimize dust in tent
  • Folding chair for your tent space


  • Ticket, Vehicle Pass (put on left lower inside windshield ahead of time), driver’s license or ID
  • Magnetic car key holder. Don’t wanna get locked out of your car or have to keep track of keys while there
  • Enough cash for ice. $4 for block or bag and has to be changed daily. Only other things to spend $ on there are coffee and lemonade at Center Camp (unless you have RV and need dumping services, water, etc.)
  • Phone (as camera and for BM apps) with dust-proof phone case, charger. Don’t count on cell coverage there but if you download the apps ahead of time, you can use them there
  • Plate, utensils, cup w handle. (plastic or light metal preferable). You have to bring your own utensils and have cup with you always, as there are free drinks and food everywhere. Cup snaps on belt or bike with carabiner
  • Make a copy of your ID to tape to cup… you WILL be carded
  • Electrolyte solution such as EmergenC or coconut/ aloe water, etc. CHUG IT!
  • Water bottle(s) and/or camelback
  • Towel, washcloth, Toiletries (lotion/ coconut oil, Sun screen, chapstick, tooth brush/ paste, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, condoms, etc.)
  • Pee bottle (“Pecan”) for tent to prevent trips to portas at night. Plastic with lid
  • Toilet paper. Must be single ply for the porta potties. Save small TP rolls when u near the end of a roll at home to carry with you on bike and to portas in case they’re out
  • Wet wipes. This will be your way of cleaning off daily. Camp has solar shower (limited water), and there are camps that offer showers and even steam baths, but often have long lines
  • Meds (prescriptions, vitamins/ supplements, aspirin, bandaids, etc.).  There’s a 1st aid kit in camp and medical stations on playa, but bring what you anticipate you’ll need
  • Shades and goggles. You can bring old ski goggles or fancy steam punk goggles (Amazon), but a MUST for dust storms.
  • If you wear glasses: extra pair, carrying case and cleaning solution
  • Bandanas (to cover your nose and mouth for dust storms)
  • Nasal/ sinus saline spray (the “NeilMed” bottle available at drug stores comes in very handy for cleaning out dust)
  • Stay cool
    • Small spray bottle. feels wonderful to spray your face with water during the day
    • Fan(s):  battery operated for tent, ones that hang around your neck, or a spray bottle/fan combo (Walmart)
    • Cooling scarf/ head wrap (Amazon… check the reviews, I’m happy with my “Yezala Moosang Cooling Towel” wrapped it around my head yesterday while gardening in 97 deg temps all day.  Works well)


Here’s where it gets fun! You get to be whoever you wanna be, express yourself with anything you want to wear or nothing at all. Check out pictures online if you want to see how others have done it. Keep in mind that daytime temps are usually high 80’s, nights can vary from high 30’s to upper 50’s.  last year was unusually warm, so check your weather app as the time approaches for Gerlach or, if you’re lucky, to Black Rock City.  There are also some camps that give away free clothing.

  • shorts and light (if any) tops during day
  • leggings and warm jacket for night.
  • Boots with plenty of sock changes, flip flops for around camp
  • Cap or hat or scarf turban for sunshade/ protection
  • Tutu (for Tutu Tuesday) yes, even if you’re a macho guy. You’ll see
  • Bling if you’re into it. Anything goes


Our camp offers pots, cooking utensils, washing station, camp stoves, coffee, cookies, waffle mix/ waffle iron, and some condiments, but you’re responsible for your own food and eating utensils. Most of us find we’re less hungry there, so don’t overdo it on the food, just enough for yourself and a little to share. If you want something, ask for it. If you have leftovers to share, offer them. To prevent extra garbage, remove as much packaging as you safely can ahead of time

ICE CHEST if needed for daily drinks, meats, cheese, butter, mayo, leftovers, etc.

WATER!! Camp provides tap water but bring your own filtered if wanted. At least 3 liters a day for drinking. Bring big jugs and fill your smaller one ratherthan singles. Our camp has water for washing, cooking, shower as well.


     BREAKFAST: Eggs, bacon, dehydrated fried potatoes, premade oatmeal, juice, protein powder, leftovers, PROTEIN

     LUNCH: crackers, cheese, sandwiches, (tuna, PBJ, grilled cheese, meat), leftovers

     DINNER: pre-made packs of quinoa, rice-a-roni etc. with sausage, veggies, mac cheese, soup, canned baked beans or chili. I like the packaged Indian foods and other pre-prepared meals that are shelf stable

     SNACKS: protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, squeezable apple sauce, salty (pickles/olives/ chips), salsa, jerky, crackers, etc. Later in the week, you would sell your soul to the devil for fresh fruit. (I almost went for someone’s throat over a  nectarine). I now bring oranges, a small watermelon and small containers of mango or pears in juice)

     DRINKS: Canned LaCroix or Izze are popular. Your own milk if you’re lactose intolerant. Free alcohol and mixed drinks everywhere (but bring booze to share)

     FOOD AND WATER: in your car for the trip in



  • Label your possessions with your name, phone #, camp name and location (for bike, phone, cup, jacket, water bottle, ice chest, etc.)
  • Gifts: Traditional to bring small gifts to share publicly. Some bring Burning Man themed necklaces/stickers, etc. Other ideas are stickers with inspirational or funny quotes, a squirt of your face spray, a helping hand, supportive comments, a listening ear, etc. I always bring sunscreen on my bike to share and glow sticks for darkwads. You will come across those wandering around out there in another sphere unprepared and dangerously unaware of it
  • Get on the “Jackrabbit Speaks” email list for updates from Burning Man Org
  • Traffic conditions for entry and exit are on 94.5 FM
  • Update your Siren’s google docs spreadsheet, sign up for one moop and one kitchen patrol
  • DOWNLOAD “IBURN” and “TIME TO BURN” apps on your phone, ahead of time, but won’t be able to use ’til gates open.  It tells you time/location/ distance to all planned events and art, including music. SO you could filter it to “crepes and mimosas now within 10 block radius, yoga or meditation, reggae music tonight , my body painted, feet massaged, a group shower, grilled cheese sandwiches at 9 pm or where the heck IS that Orgy Dome or the Critical Tits run?”(and btw, don’t count on getting beyond the distractions to your intended destination)

 In the spirit of radical self-reliance,

knowing that when you’re prepared,

you can have so much more FUN IN THE DUST!!,          

Candy (Raven)