Ahoy There, New Friend!

Thank you for your interest in camping with 7 Sirens Cove. We get quite a few inquiries from all over the world, and carefully select new members from applicants. We want to make sure the fit is right for all.

Founded in 2011, 7 Sirens Cove is a San Francisco Bay Area-based crew. We require group participation prior to and during Burning Man. Click here for more about Theme Camps. We are a family, on and off playa, not just a spot to camp…and with this in mind, we require that our campers arrive on playa no later than the Wednesday before Labor Day, and stay through camp take-down that weekend. Traditionally, each new cove member is sponsored by a current pirate OR is to be local enough to come to at least 3 workdays to meet the team and become part of our community to be considered for membership. That being said, like all pirates – we are always open, in the spirit of inclusion, to new Sirens each year.

If you know any Sirens, please ask them to sponsor you – no need to fill out this form. 

If you don’t know any Sirens yet, please fill out the form below.

In addition to other requirements, general camp dues range from $375-$600 per person, depending on when you join and how many pre-playa workdays you attend. You (like all other Sirens) must provide your own ticket, transportation, tent/accommodation and food. More about what Dues cover here.  

Regardless, we would love for you to come hang out with us on playa. Stop by for a visit and spin for a Pirate Nickname – Starbuck and the rest of the 7 Sirens hearty crew!

Application to camp with 7 Siren’s Cove at Burning Man